Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bugs Burlesque and Earthquakes

Well its been an interesting week to say the least, hooray to Jaz who finished her radiotherapy on Wednesday. Huge sigh of relief from us all, Molly was very excited on Monday I think it was and said to Jaz that she was very happy that Mum would be all better after Wednesday. If only it was that easy! While our child's naivety of the situation was rather cute we were also saddened by the prospects that might lie ahead.

Anyway to dwell on the negative is not healthy and we have since moved on. Concentrating on and enjoying the day ahead.
I managed a lot more work this week attending meetings and planning sessions that I haven't been apart of for such along time, it was really great and I have found the weekend a welcoming rest rather than just another day off. I also managed to inherit Phoebes gastro bug on Thursday causing much vomiting etc (Ill let your imagination work out what the etc was!!!!!!!!!) which meant no exercise at all for 2 days. Probably not a bad thing as I have managed to slip down to 84kgs. Ive lost 18kgs since Christmas. A combination of stress and exercise almost everyday has seen the kgs fall off!!! My goal now is to sit around the stress less 85-90kg mark but to add muscle rather than fat this time. Its quite an interesting process, while exercising, your body needs fuel to develop and grow muscle but the mind fears excess food intake worried that old habits might come back. I went to the library last weekend and have read alot about sports nutrition so I'm pretty confident that I can maintain a good balance causing healthy results.

Auckland joined other parts of the country and had an earthquake of its own last night only 2.9 but enough to worry a few locals. I noticed a few cantabrians chipping their Auckland cousins for making a fuss over the experience. Id like to stick up for those people in the big city that are worried about the what ifs, imagine if Auckland experienced an earthquake of similar devastating effect to Christchurch? I'm not sure if our tiny country could cope with the economic pressures caused by a disaster in our main centre.  So to all of those people mocking Aucklanders take a step back. I was blown away by the amount of businesses and schools etc that took part in Red and Black days after the first big quake raising an awful lot of money. As Paul Holmes said in his letter to Canterbury"I know you think we Aucklanders are up ourselves. I know you bang on about bloody Aucklanders. But really, we're just the same as you. We're Kiwis, before we're anything else. We're strugglers, like you. We get up and go to work and do the best for our kids, just like you. We help our neighbours, just like you, and we've watched you helping each other this week and we've all been deeply moved. We just want to walk up to the television screen and hug you and hold you."
Well thats my grump for the week. To finish last night Jaz and I watched Burlesque on DVD. I thought it was going to be a chick flick and I was right the script wasn't the best but the dancing and singing was pretty amazing, well worth a watch if you have a spare couple of hours.

Have a great weekend



  1. I have wondered what would happen to NZ if the Wellington fault line went off now ... and was surprised to see there had been one up there, and centred so close. imagining the thought of previously unknown faults appearing over Auckland would be horrendous too. Hopefully it is not a taste of the big one to come :)
    We enjoyed burlesque too - risked it on the big screen! Apart from Cher's token song, it was way better than I expected.
    Don't fade away...

  2. I wish that I had your willpower when it comes to exercising. In NZ I get plenty (though not as much as I used to when I cycled at least 20k each day)but here in Scotland I just can't get motivated.

    I think having a grump occasionally is good for you. It's just when it takes over your life that it's not.