Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rain rain and sleeping beauty's

When we arrived in Auckland 2 years ago the locals said we would love the mild weather. I must admit the change from a cold Canterbury winter to the mild Auckland winter has been well received but no one ever made comment about the rain.
Today a heavy front came through with high winds and the heaviest rain I have ever seen!
I took this photo from my office window when the heavy rain started around 2pm then 30 minutes later it was all gone! Crazy!!! Guess what 30 minutes after that we had another amazing downpour! It might be warm but the weather is bloody crazy!!!!!

Little Phoebe has caught the cold from hell and has spent the week home. It seems to happen every second week Jaz has done a great job looking after her while trying to rest. Its not an ideal situation but the weekend is not too far away. Fingers crossed it doesnt rain!!!
One of the best things about not traveling  all the time is I now get the opportunity to tuck the girls in at nights. The girls normally have a story then spend 15 or so minutes reading with the lights on. Well this is what I saw when I went up to tuck them in and turn off the lights! Two sleeping beauty's!!!

The Power of Pamol!!!

Sweet dreams Molly x

Have a great week :)


  1. I was really pleased to get away from the rain and humidity of Northland.. and loved the dry cold we got when we moved to in Queenstown. However, Canty has some beautiful weather and I appreciate the four seasons very much.. I just miss the beaches up there really :)

    Gorgeous pics..
    Hope Phoebe is feeling better tomorrow.

  2. The changeability sounds like the Hebrides except that as I write this (in the middle of the summer!) it's 13℃ and force 5 with squalls and most of Britain seems to be having the same.

    Phoebe's having a bad time. I, too, hope she's better tomorrow.

  3. When I was younger and we lived up this way we always joked about how it always rained as we passed through what was then the old Albany. The rain and thunder storms would hit like the world was about to end and a few minutes later, the sun would smile on us. It is very bizarre, I agree. And you truly can't relate until you have lived up here. I had forgotten how much and how often if comes and goes.
    I REALLY hope the girls get better soon. Soooooooo over all the bugs. We need a good frost to kill off some buggies. Not likely to happen though.
    I agree however, it doesn't matter how snotty and grumpy they are when awake. Fallen angels while sleeping, for sure :-)

  4. Cute pics!! And oh to have pink pyjamas and love heart duvets in my house instead of Lightning McQueen, camouflage and dinosaurs. And to read Tinkerbell at bedtime instead of Thomas and Bob.... Aaahhh. Becs