Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back in the game!

Phoebe in her new slippers
Well thankfully little Phoebes Gastro bug finally passed on Saturday and by Sunday she was running around like her usual self again. This meant that on Monday I went back to work! Hooray back to work after a week off and it was a great day too. I was off site at a Builders Expo demonstrating some of our new products, heaps of fun as I seldom get a chance to talk to the end user.
Today (Tuesday) I had the day off again to attend Jasmine's second to last treatment! She is coping so well, I'm very proud of how she has managed herself over the past 5 weeks. She still doesn't need any extra medication and is helping around the house probably more than she needs too. So after completing her appointment we headed to the mall for a treat to celebrate the end of her Radiation. I have never been to so many shoe shops in the space of an hour ever! But we made it and my lovely wife left for home in a smart new pair of boots very very happy.
So with Jasmines treatment almost finished I can put a little more time and effort back into work, I know that my boss will be very happy and I'm still ever grateful for the support he has given me. I still have to balance childcare and support Jaz as she recovers the Radiation after effects, this makes me a little nervous but Im sure as always together we will get through it.

To finish I wanted to mention my Canterbury family and friends. A cold snap has hit the South Island and winter has finally arrived. A lot of Cantabrians don't have functioning log fires or completely weather tight homes and are really feeling the cold weather. Up here we struggle to get below 9 degrees and often wear shorts on weekend outings so I really feel for them as their temperatures plummet below zero. Last night on the national news they reported about a  firewood merchant out there donating dry firewood to people in need. Such a wonderful selfless thing to do and I'm sure there are many more people out there helping each other that we will never hear about.
The mighty Canterbury Crusaders take on the Stormers this weekend for a place in the Super Rugby final. The team is loved by nearly everyone in the region and I really hope they can go all they way giving everyone in Christchurch something to celebrate.


  1. It's good to know you are back at work and that Phoebe's better. I hope that you get back to a reasonably normal work situation soon.

    I hadn't heard that Christchurch was now experiencing proper winter weather. Ouch.

  2. Look a that cutie in her slippys!!! Thanks for your support over the past five and half weeks. Let me snooze for a couple of days and then we need to celebrate!!! xx

  3. Hey Mark, lovely to get a little insight into the other half of the wonderful Treacy team. You do make an awesome team the two of you and I think it takes a very special couple and relationship to get through all that life has thrown at you these past months, I admire you both :-)