Saturday, 16 July 2011

Catch up

Well since my last blog not much has happened really, work has been very busy and I'm almost at full capacity. Phoebe managed to pass on her cold to me which has developed into a case of debilitating man flu and the weather has been particularly miserable to say the least.

On Thursday I worked at the Mitre 10 expo and was pleased to see lots of old friends up from Christchurch. It was great to catch up and reminded me of how much I miss the South Island.
One of the things I love about the hardware industry is the friendships and I certainly felt a lot of love and support from people that will always be friends.

Jaz seems to be managing life after radiation pretty well, she is still quite fatigued but in general marches on as best she can. I have been surprised at my reaction to life after Radiation. I  found myself almost quite miserable fearing the worst. I think the anxiety of no treatment has finally caught up?
We seem to have been so focused on treatment and fixing it that I never had much time to think about things and now as life gets back to some normality I freaked out to say the least!
But I continue to exercise and try to keep my chin up, I must admit my lovely wife knows me better than anyone and keeps me in check when required. I love that lady to bits!! Tonight I have planned a nice dinner for 2 at a local restaurant with out kids and any other distractions which Im really looking forward too.

The Crusaders last weekend gallantly took on the Queensland Reds in the Super rugby final failing to take the win but exceeding most peoples expectations. The only team in history not to play a game at their home ground.  As you can see by the picture they were bitterly disappointed. However I don't think anyone in the rugby world was not impressed by their dedication to themselves and the fans of the Canterbury region. Well done guys you made me proud to call myself a cantabrian.
 Well that's it from me for today, this bloody cold is making feel pretty miserable so I think Ill retire to the couch for a snooze. Have a great and safe weekend.


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  1. Mark, I sometimes wonder what 'normal' really is. If we all think about what we would like 'normal' to be and then compare reality, how often are they the same?