Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Time for a break

Hi all

Now that Ja z has started writing again I thought I might take a blogging break!!! Ill be back in a couple of weeks!!!

Check out Jasmines Blog  http://treacytravels.blogspot.com/

Bye for now

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Happy Birthday Phoebe

Well its been 3 years today since beautiful Phoebe was born. I remember the day really well, probably better than Caitlin and Molly's day purely because Phoebe took a little longer than the other girls. But lets not go into to many details!!!!

Sandy and Luke came up for the long weekend so we were able to have a real party with family on Sunday, Phoebes latest fad is Pirates so Jaz put together a great pirate ship cake along with other Pirate treats and we all stuffed ourselves on fairy bread and cake!!

Jaz has had her ups and downs. Her vision hasn't been the best which makes her feel awful. We went back to hospital on Saturday morning as she could hardly see and after a few hours they decided to put her back on the nasty steroids.They seem to give her relief fairly quickly but after only a few days her vision is troubling her again so its off to the doctors again tomorrow.

To finish I thought Id post a few pics of little P. We all love her to bits. Being the youngest she holds a special place in all our hearts. Its amazing to see how far she has come in 3 years!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back in Hospital

After all that good news last week poor old Jaz ended up back in hospital.

After suffering a terrible headache along with other side effects I took her into hospital on Sunday and she was operated again on Tuesday. A build up of brain water or cerebrospinal fluid was causing terrible pressure in her head (Hydrocephalus).

I want to thank our friends Lisa and Paul who stepped up and looked after the kids while I visited Jaz. Her operation went well and I was able to bring her home yesterday. Our Oncology Nurse who has become my hero this year has said it will take at least 4 weeks for the fluid levels to reduce back to a comfortable level.

Jaz seems a little beaten since the operation, it is very hard to stay optimistic and positive when things like this keep happening. Bloody tumours I curse the day (my birthday last year) our GP rang and broke the news.

In 2 months time Jaz will have another MRI. Its pretty key in the grand scheme of things, will the tumour be smaller (result of Radiotherapy), the discolouration on her cerebellum I hope will be confirmed as a consequence of radiotherapy and will the new drain created by this weeks operation be functioning as it should be. I hope that someone out there gives us a break and lets us have the Christmas that we deserve.

Crikey I've been a bit grim and I apologise. Ward 83 "Neurology Ward" is a tough place to visit and certainly puts life in perspective! Apart from Jaz we are all pretty healthy and have more than we really need. Things could be a lot worst.

Thats it from me its time to watch the English take on the Scots in a Northern hemisphere slug out. If we are lucky one of them might even score a try!!!

Well done Tonga

Go the Warriors!!! and thanks GB for the postcard :)