Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi all

Its been well over a week since my last blog, simply because I haven't had the time. Poor old Jaz has been pretty ill. Falling victim to a nasty virus effecting her middle ear. We spent a day in hospital last week for tests including a CT scan.
Thankfully the CT scan showed no other tumours or bleeds but unfortunately they could not offer any quick fix advising lots of sleep and rest.

To top it off on Saturday morning her vision reverted back to post operation horizontal double vision. A real blow that has knocked my poor wife for six. She is so sad it breaks my heart. It was only a few weeks ago she was driving and between us we shared the school drop offs and shopping. Giving her the independence she deserves and me the freedom to work full time just like the old days.
Now she struggles to function with low energy and buggered vision. To say it wasn't fair would be an understatement

But tomorrow we have a follow up appointment with the Ophthalmology department which has been incredible timely so fingers crossed  they can reassure Jaz and shed some light on the problem.

All the best


Monday, 15 August 2011


Today has been just one of those days. Poor old Jaz has been unwell with an ear infection and after spending most of the weekend in bed I took her into the Doctor first thing this morning. She received reassurance that her upset balance and nausea was not a result of her brain tumour but more likely to be an infection deep in the ear. We both automatically feared the worst! But thankfully it was all quite normal and she has since spent the rest of the day asleep in bed.

To say that we are both a little hypersensitive would be an understatement!

Jaz did mention last Thursday  that our lovely boy Tyson was ill. Well after a long battle he was put to sleep this afternoon as his kidneys were showing no sign of recovery.  It was an incredibly hard decision to make but Im thankful I was there to comfort him during the end.

Tyson and Lucy about 12 months old
Tyson helping Jaz hang out the washing - 12-24 months old
Jaz and I adopted Tyson and Lucy about 15 years ago, well before kids so we are both very fond of them. They have been through numerous flats, houses and even a relocation from Christchurch to Auckland. Not forgetting the girls Tyson and Lucy have always been there sharing the couch, cot or bed.

The girls and I went and spent some time with Tyson before he had to leave us. The big fella was so pleased to see us and managed a good strong purr appreciating all the love we could give him. I wanted to thank the team at the Whangapararoa Vet Clinic for the love care and empathy shown through Tysons stay.

Here are some of the pics I took of our last visit with Tyson
Caitlin and Tyson

Phoebe and Molly - Phoebe and Tyson had a love hate relationship!

But regardless of their differences he was still pleased to see her

Good bye to a good mate

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Happy Birthday

Well it was my birthday yesterday and as I had to work all day and late into the night my wonderful girls organised celebration's that started on Saturday night.
 Jaz made an amazing cake that we all enjoyed
The All Blacks demolished the Wallabies!

Molly and Caitlin put together a little video that made me proud to be their Dad and after gifts and a run on Sunday morning we headed over to the city via Devonport on the ferry. Jaz had booked lunch at the Grand Harbour for the best Yum Cha in the city. Jaz fairly well covers it in her blog Treacy Travels please check it out. The girls had a great time eating in the busiest restaurant I have ever seen!!! We tasted all kinds of dishes and even little Phoebe found a dish she liked.
To say I was spoilt would be an understatement!!!! Thanks girls and also to everyone via phone, mail and Facebook for all the birthday wishes :)

Happy birthday to me!!!

Phoebe discovers deep fried squid and Molly loves sweet and sour pork

Phoebe Tiger!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Big week

 Well its been an action packed week or so since my last blog and I'm almost well and truly back at work full time thanks to Jasmine who has started driving again. It means that together we can share the load with the school drop offs.

This has made a huge difference to my life, all of a sudden I don't have to be everywhere for everyone and can concentrate on my job rather than trying to balance childcare and work.

Last week I went away to Wellington for 3 days attending a Bunnings staff training expo. It was great to get away but I did miss the girls a lot. Wellington was bloody cold, I had forgotten how lucky we are in Auckland with the weather. I have certainly softened since living up here!
While I was away Phoebe had her first dress up day and disco at Daycare last week and Jaz put together an Angelina Ballerina costume, Angelina is a cartoon character on the kids channel. She was very excited getting up at 5.30 in the morning. Thankfully I was in a nice quiet motel room hundreds of kms away!!!

 On Sunday we decided to take the girls to the Auckland caged bird show. Bloody noisy but the kids really enjoyed it. Phoebe and I made the local - paper click on the link to see our photo Auckland Times
I was blown away by the competitiveness of the breeders. I managed to listen in on a conversation between two elderly gentlemen and if they had been in another room you would have thought they were talking about champion thoroughbred race horses!!!
We finished the day at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. I love the fact that our kids have always enjoyed sushi. Phoebe is especially funny to watch as she enjoys the rice and nori (seaweed wrap) but dislikes any of the centre.So Molly is always on hand to clean up any food surplus to requirements. An arrangement that seems to work pretty well. 
So as you can see we have all been pretty busy made all the easier because of Jaz and her courage to get on with life, she has always been the glue that keeps us together motivating us to do things as a family so I wanted to say thanks Jaz. We all love you so much. X
Have a great week