Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another week off...

What a week this week has been. Little Phoebe started vomiting Monday morning and has since been diagnosed with a Gastro bug. Another week off work for me as I stay at home and look after her while Jaz continues with her last days of treatment.

I have to confess I was pretty gutted and not entirely happy about having to take more time off work. In the past 6 months I've been away more than at work. For those that don't know me I have to confess I'm a very anxious person. A born worry wart! So the thought of taking another week off did not appeal at all.
So after my initial grizzle, worry and sulk I now realize that I have an opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with little Phoebe.
Today she seems a lot better and while Jaz has been away at Radiation P and I spent some time reading Hairy Macleary and her favourite Green Eggs and Ham followed by Dora the Explorer Movie and some plain Popcorn.

Pretty soon Ill be back at work traveling all over the country again missing them all like crazy.

On the work front 2 weeks ago I unfortunately was involved in a car accident in my company car.  Jaz Molly and I were heading to the hospital for Jasmines treatment when a car stopped suddenly on the bridge. It was raining very heavily and I tried to stop, but the 4 cars behind me didn't stop as quickly as my beloved SV6 Holden Wagon. The result was a written off car and 2 people including myself in hospital with whiplash.
Great car but the airbags failed - scarey
 It was a very scarey situation. My boss came as quickly as he could and took Jaz and Molly to the hospital for her treatment and I sat with the police and explained what happened. While talking to her I made comment that my neck hurt and I was having trouble swallowing. Well before you could say 111 a paramedic  had me strapped to a bed and we were on our way to hospital in an ambulance!!! What followed was an experience to say the least. 4 and a half hours in A&E, I had xrays on my back and neck which were painless but then I said to the Dr that it hurt to pee. Now you all know that I can be a little anxious :) so now that I think about it I was wound up like a spring and it makes sense that I might have some discomfort. But the very thorough Dr with fingers that felt like coke cans decided to complete an internal examination! Crikey I almost went through the roof. And all they could say to me was "keep your head still"!!! You try and keep your head still when someone does that to you!

Thankfully my xray revealed that my injury was muscular and I was sent home with pain relief and an experience that I do not wish to repeat. What followed was a $150 fine and a written off car. My first ever accident. One of my southern friends joked that I was on my way to becoming a real Aucklander now that Ive had an accident on the bridge!!!

Always remember to wear your seatbelt!



  1. Teehee!! Coke cans!! Oh Mark. Good value you are!! :)

  2. Boo hoo! Poor car. At least we know that the seatbelts and car seats do make a real difference. This sure has been a year of hospitals..........ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
    love Jaz xx

  3. Well welcome to our world! sucks huh illness after illness! But poor holden know what ya mean when it sad seeing ya lil car being hurt ours suffered a minor ding from another driver not looking where there going!

    Lani xx

  4. just glad you were all ok.... could have been worse...
    coke cans lol
    Poor Phoebelicious-
    my night in the new a and e at waikato hospital was interesting too... got a sadistic doctor with no empathy, at night and same bastard in the morning... very scary to be a visitor in a city with no help - just expected to manage in a hotel apartment with no food or wheelchair.

  5. And you wondered if you would have things to blog about! Isn't it the Chinese who say that when the gods want to piss you off they grant you your wishes? Although perhaps they use slightly different language.

    Seriously though I'm so glad that it wasn't more serious. You can mend or replace the metal but it's not so easy with the human body.

    Oddly I've just commented on Jaz's blog with a reference to my treatment and you may be amused to know that when I made the same comment about a coke can to the nurse after a biopsy she showed me what had been used. Coke tins are small in comparison Mark!

  6. marky marky marky iv got a smile on me dile as big as the greendale fault line hehehe trust you ta bugger my car up too. next youl be complaining its cold up there haha.
    tell ya boss ta send it down here it will blend in quit well, no one will tell the difference everything looks displaced here :-)
    Im glad your all good and its really hurtin ta look at that pic. oh an thanx as from now on ill never be able to buy a can of coke as the tears will be streaming with laughter.

    luke s

  7. i did note you blog is titlrd the life and ADVENTURES of..... A&E certainly fits the criteria glad u are all ok you have enough on at the mo.keep safe from jeni s