Saturday, 25 June 2011

My first pair of Levis

As I mentioned in my last post we have been surrounded by sickness. Phoebes Gastro Bug seems to be as stubborn as a Crusaders pack hot on attack and poor old Jaz is just worn out from the day to day drag of radiation therapy. So I thought it was time for a little humour!

Similar to my jeans but my shoes were a little different!
Back in 1990 (ish) I think I was 15 or 16 I had always wanted a pair of Levis Acid Washed Jeans. I worked hard and saved up for my first pair by mowing lawns and baby sitting etc. They were about $100 and you have no idea how proud I was when I first bought them. I wore them everywhere with pride. Anyway the battery on my Honda XL100 motorbike (which Mum hated with a passion) had gone flat and needed replacing so one day Dad suggested we take a drive into Christchurch and do some shopping. Naturally I put on my favourite pair of jeans and we made the 80 min drive into the big smoke.
The day went pretty well. All the usual stuff Mum dragged us through Northlands Mall, the visiting of relatives and then it was my turn. The motorbike shop. I still remember to this day what the shop looked like I just cant remember what it was called. After purchasing the battery we headed off home. Back then Mum and Dad owned a Mk 3 Cortina Ghia. It was an awesome car that we all loved very much. One of my weaknesses is my ability to sit still. I constantly have to fiddle and pick at things. My grandmother used to say to me "those hands of yours will get you into trouble one day!" well today I was about to prove her right!
I had decided to take a closer look at the battery managing to tip it up the wrong way so that battery acid ran all over my lap and on to the seat soaking into the groin and back area of my beloved jeans. Thank goodness the Cortina had beige vinyl seats. Fearing the worst I promptly put the battery away and said nothing to Mum and Dad.One of the features of the vinyl seats is that nothing soaks into them not even battery acid!

Faces removed to prevent any legal action!
That night Mum had decided to go to Housie (bingo) at the local Cheviot Pub. Being the supportive teenaged son I was, I decided to join her and a few of the local ladies, we made our way down to our local. I know this is an extremely sad thing for a teenage boy to do but it was yet another opportunity to wear my jeans. The night started off with a hiss and a roar, the numbers rolled off the callers tongue like an auctioneer on sale day.  And as you can see by the picture everyone loved my jeans! After about an hour of solid bingo the caller decided it was time for a break. By then I had probably consumed 2 liters of Raspberry and coke and had made the dash to the toilet. I remember standing at the urinal thinking that it was unusually cold but did not realise that the entire seat of my Acid washed jeans had dissolved untill one of the ladies made comment as I reentered the bar.
The bloody battery acid had totally dissolved the back side area of my jeans!! Thankfully my undies had not been harmed and I was saved from even more embarrassment.After receiving my quota of teasing and taunts one of the ladies kindly lent me her cardigan to rap around my waist. Bingo continued and finally after what seemed an age the evening ended with everyone leaving happy after a great nights entertainment. I was distraught not only from the embarrassment but at the loss of my favourite jeans.My father also panicked and immediately pushed past me to check his car seat returning a moment later boasting "not even battery acid can destroy that car!"

Mum tried to fix my jeans but they were never the same. She managed to find another pair of jeans of totally different colour and attempted to patch them. I never wore them again deciding to move on to more traditional blue jeans costing significantly less! To this day I have never purchased another pair of Levi jeans.

By the way I topped up the bike battery with normal tap water and she worked like a charm!

Have a great Saturday



  1. Rofl...
    Pride comes before a fall...

    Like the bloke in the "after" picture though

  2. Love that story! It really is good to be able to laugh at one's own embarrassing moments. Unfortunately I could devote a blog to such incidents alone but I try to bury them even from myself!

  3. This is such a Mark Treacy story. I can just imagine your teenage self rocking up to housie!! I remember several evenings with friends, laughing our own pants off when you shared this story. You must have had the only and most authentic acid wash jeans in the country. Isn't it your birthday soon............acid wash is coming back in I believe............especially the skinny version ;-)

  4. That is such a great story :-)