Monday, 20 June 2011

Giving Thanks

Well its been one of those years! We are half way through but I feel that we have probably been through enough to last us a decade! I don't want to complain because that really gets you nowhere! Instead Id like to take this opportunity to give thanks to my employer Irwin tools and the Cancer Society Auckland.

There's no doubt that Jasmines tumour has changed our lives. With it has come fear, anxiety, depression and sadness but we have also become closer. Its hard to explain but the bond between us as a couple and as a family unit is stronger.

As soon as Irwin Tools  heard of Jasmines illness the support started. Paid leave, meals, fund raising and morale support. Ive tried so hard to give them more but in some situations Ive had to step away from my role and let someone else take over. That's been pretty difficult as I love my job and especially like to give it 100%.
With only 6 treatments to go my hours have started to increase but we seem to have struck a run of bad luck. Last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Molly suffered from a Urinary Tract infection 2 more days off and then only last night little Phoebe started vomiting and has continued through out the day! I felt awful phoning into work but it wasn't a problem and was told to do what I have to do. Family first!
So as you can see I have a great employer and am very lucky.

I also wanted to give thanks to the Cancer Society Auckland.  Made up of a few paid professionals and a lot of fantastic volunteers these guys have really made a difference to our experience. Volunteers have precooked dinners to lighten the load in the evenings, both Jaz and I have received free counseling helping us deal with the fear of the unknown and volunteer drivers take Jaz into treatment at their own expense 3 of the 5 days a week 100km round trip. They even have people making coffee and tea in the chemo and radiation treatment rooms. Just a wonderful bunch of giving people.

So next time you need some hand tools or drill bits please consider the Irwin tools brand, great product that wont let you down and please please don't forget daffodil day this August the 26th

Have a great day



  1. It's at moments like this that being a Blogland friend 12,000 miles away makes me feel very useless. Your post also gives those of us who have had cancer and empathise easily and naturally with Zaz the opportunity to appreciate what others around us go through as well.

    My thoughts (inadequate though they may be) are with you, Jaz and the girls.

  2. Oops. Zaz? Z isn't even near J on the keyboard. Minor brainfart.

  3. Good post!! I think you better join your lovely wife for Thankful Thursdays!! ;-)