Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Big week

 Well its been an action packed week or so since my last blog and I'm almost well and truly back at work full time thanks to Jasmine who has started driving again. It means that together we can share the load with the school drop offs.

This has made a huge difference to my life, all of a sudden I don't have to be everywhere for everyone and can concentrate on my job rather than trying to balance childcare and work.

Last week I went away to Wellington for 3 days attending a Bunnings staff training expo. It was great to get away but I did miss the girls a lot. Wellington was bloody cold, I had forgotten how lucky we are in Auckland with the weather. I have certainly softened since living up here!
While I was away Phoebe had her first dress up day and disco at Daycare last week and Jaz put together an Angelina Ballerina costume, Angelina is a cartoon character on the kids channel. She was very excited getting up at 5.30 in the morning. Thankfully I was in a nice quiet motel room hundreds of kms away!!!

 On Sunday we decided to take the girls to the Auckland caged bird show. Bloody noisy but the kids really enjoyed it. Phoebe and I made the local - paper click on the link to see our photo Auckland Times
I was blown away by the competitiveness of the breeders. I managed to listen in on a conversation between two elderly gentlemen and if they had been in another room you would have thought they were talking about champion thoroughbred race horses!!!
We finished the day at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. I love the fact that our kids have always enjoyed sushi. Phoebe is especially funny to watch as she enjoys the rice and nori (seaweed wrap) but dislikes any of the centre.So Molly is always on hand to clean up any food surplus to requirements. An arrangement that seems to work pretty well. 
So as you can see we have all been pretty busy made all the easier because of Jaz and her courage to get on with life, she has always been the glue that keeps us together motivating us to do things as a family so I wanted to say thanks Jaz. We all love you so much. X
Have a great week


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  1. Yes a big week, but it feels good to be moving forward the best way we know how. Thanks for your tribute, shucks, blushing!! xxx