Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Happy Birthday

Well it was my birthday yesterday and as I had to work all day and late into the night my wonderful girls organised celebration's that started on Saturday night.
 Jaz made an amazing cake that we all enjoyed
The All Blacks demolished the Wallabies!

Molly and Caitlin put together a little video that made me proud to be their Dad and after gifts and a run on Sunday morning we headed over to the city via Devonport on the ferry. Jaz had booked lunch at the Grand Harbour for the best Yum Cha in the city. Jaz fairly well covers it in her blog Treacy Travels please check it out. The girls had a great time eating in the busiest restaurant I have ever seen!!! We tasted all kinds of dishes and even little Phoebe found a dish she liked.
To say I was spoilt would be an understatement!!!! Thanks girls and also to everyone via phone, mail and Facebook for all the birthday wishes :)

Happy birthday to me!!!

Phoebe discovers deep fried squid and Molly loves sweet and sour pork

Phoebe Tiger!


  1. Gorgeous looking girls to help you celebrate...
    Pressie winging its way north

  2. Very tuneful singing Molly! Happy Birthday Mark.