Saturday, 10 September 2011


Well the Rugby World cup has started with a hiss and a roar. The ABs blundered passed a passionate Tonga and Scotland were pushed hard by Romania. Already it seems that this competition will be close and I cant wait to wear a patch in our couch over the next 7 weeks!

Spring has arrived in Auckland, the temperatures seem so much warmer and we have almost dusted our shorts off. I went for a run this morning and marvelled at the beauty we currently live in. Arkles Bay looked amazing, it was like a mirror and so peaceful. We are very lucky to live in such a place. If we do decide to relocate from here Im sure we will all be very sad.
The kids are great and growing fast, the girls seem to enjoy life up here in sunny Whangapararoa!!

Jaz continues to fight the fight. On Tuesday she had her first MRI since radiation therapy. To be honest the results werent as great as we expected with more details to follow when we attend a meeting with the Specialist in 10 or so days. So the mood is a little sad but as always we truck on. We have no real choice.
So thats really about it from me Fiji is about to take on Namibia so its time for me to wrap up another enrty.

Be safe


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  1. Yes that's NZ and Scotland over the first hurdles. One bit of good news anyway.

    I wasn't as happy to read the rest of your post though. You are all in my thoughts.