Thursday, 1 September 2011


Its been another busy week for us all so I really dont have the time and a lot of motivation to write alot in this blog.

I had to take Jaz to the Dr again, bloody virus has knocked her for 6 she just doesnt seem to have alot of energy right now. But the tablets she is on now seem to have made some difference. I do miss friends and family back in Canterbury now more than ever. its been a challenging year. But it could have been a lot worst!!!! My Mum and Dad keep in regular contact and Jaz recieves pleanty of texts from her family in Rangiora which has been more than a blessing.

Well thats about it for me. To finish here is the link to Jasmines blog. She finally felt well enough to post another update.

Good on you babe xx


  1. Hey Mark. Thinking of you and Jaz and the girls. Take care and take it slowly. Baby steps.

  2. I've not been in Blogland a lot recently but your family is never out of my thoughts - scant consolation though that may be.